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Sustainable Solutions for Maintaining Ground Care Equipment

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“The Bio-Circle cleaning systems help us to
keep our cleaning regime environmentally friendly,
saves me loads of time and it just works!”

- Adam Witchell, Head Groundsman FGR

It’s easy to clean and maintain your grounds equipment sustainably.

For more than 30 years Bio-Circle has been using a combination of technology, chemistry, biology and service to optimise our customer cleaning processes.

Bio-Circle’s cleaning systems have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional cleaning products, are free from harsh chemicals and reduce costs across many industries.

We’re now supporting our partners within the sports world, by helping them to sustainably clean and maintain their grounds equipment and machinery.

Our high performance products are:

  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compliant with wash down legislation

Our green credentials are supported via our membership of the Institute of Groundsmanship, our accreditation to the NSF and ISO 14001.


Our cleaning processes support sustainability in sport:

BIO-CIRCLE GT Maxi environmental parts cleaner helps sports clubs across the country sustainably clean machinery and parts, with zero water waste and without washing pollutants down the drain. It works in combination with the eco-friendly L Ultra solution to effectively clean and remove grease, oil, grass contamination, white line paint and fertiliser.

A common practice is to use a pressure washer using 400-600 litres of water per hour – in comparison the Maxi eliminates water completely from the maintenance program.

  • Clean extremely dirty pieces of kit like white lining equipment, without washing any pollutants down the drain
  • Bioremediation process effectively controls the waste of all organic compounds in the run off
  • Cleans quickly and efficiently

CLEAN BOX Flex can be installed above or at ground level for easy cleaning and maintenance of all ground-care machinery, ideal for large pieces of equipment such as mowers. The Flex provides sustainable cleaning through:

  • Reduced spillage due to the cleaning brush enabling complete control of the flow of solution
  • Controlled water-usage
  • Cleaning solution recycled via closed loop filtration system
  • Integrated WHG-approved collection tray
  • VOC-free cleaning solution
  • pH neutral cleaning solution
  • Low environmental impact

UNO SV has been developed specifically for sloping surfaces and is environmentally friendly. This means it doesn’t just run off like a conventional cleaner would, instead, it foams and sticks to the sloped surface. Making them a lot easier to clean.

  • Cleans all kinds of contaminants with ease, such as oil, grease, residue, wax, fresh paint, pigmented ink, soil and grass cuttings
  • Water based and alkaline
  • Can be used on metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and many more
  • NSF approved
  • Phosphate-free

CB 100 is a water-based hand spray, made from raw renewable materials and is VOC-free.

It’s extremely effective in cleaning all ground care equipment with zero waste and zero environmental impact. Regularly used to clean down white lining equipment and high precision mowers by customers at training grounds, stadium facilities and workshops. Our leading industry partner, Pitchmark Ltd, uses the product to maintain and clean line marking equipment. The key things to know about CB100 are:

  • Low-foaming and smells of apples
  • Water-based, phosphate and solvent-free
  • Removes strong contaminants, like grease, rubber marks, bitumen, wax residue, paint and grass stains
  • pH neutral

BIO-RUST is an eco-friendly product that quickly and efficiently removes slight rust all the way through to thick set rust layers. Perfect for cleaning old impregnated rust, through to newly developed spot rust on grounds keeping equipment.

This is everything you need to know about BIO-RUST:

  • Water-based and VOC-free
  • pH-neutral
  • Removes all kinds of rust and lead contamination
  • Cleans steel, stainless-steel and iron
  • Label-free under the CLP Regulation
  • Free from halides
  • Low-foaming

BIO-CIRCLE L Ultra cleaning liquid is an environmental alternative to harsh solvents and chemicals, and helps to improve the reliability and performance of your equipment. When used with the GT-Maxi, it allows the Maxi to work exceptionally hard to clean all sorts of ground care machinery. L Ultra is popular because:

  • Removes strong contaminants, like grease, rubber marks, bitumen, wax residue, paint and grass stains
  • Contains natural microorganisms, which clean quickly and thoroughly due to a bioremediation process
  • pH neutral and environmentally friendly (it’s all natural)
  • Smells of apples
  • VOC-free
  • No waste chain

VIRAL CLEANER 100 Have you ever thought about how many people pass through a single football stadium each season and all the surfaces they come into contact with? Seating, handrails, door handles etc? For the average stadium it’s around 10 million people.

VIRAL CLEANER 100 is the sustainable way to ensure stadium seating & surfaces are cleaned and degreased thoroughly and easily, enhancing spectator safety and stadium hygiene. VIRAL CLEANER 100 is just one product within Bio-Circle’s Viral and Antisept family of products specially developed for enhanced cleaning and hygiene regimes that are now the new normal

Diluted up to 1:40, this surfactant-based cleaner:

  • Gently & safely breaks down grease, fats and other surface contaminants
  • Destroys the fatty membranes surrounding and protecting many viruses, helping to make them inactive
  • Requires no HazChem
  • Supports health & safety risk assessments
  • Supports stadium Duty of Care to spectators
  • Cleaning with surfactants is in accordance with the ECDC recommendations for general hygiene
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Discover how Adam Witchell, Head Groundsman at Forest Green Rovers Football Club
uses Bio-Circle cleaning systems and solutions for a greener, more efficient

CASE STUDY: FGR ‘The world’s greenest football club’ - FIFA

By choosing Bio-Circle you’ll be making green work alongside the world’s greenest football club, Forest Green Rovers (FGR), and choosing to make sustainability in sport a priority. Protecting the environment is key for businesses all over the world – so let us help you achieve your sustainability goals at your sports facility.

FGR chose the GT Maxi, along with our VOC-reduced cleaning solutions (CB 100 and L Ultra) to keep their lawnmowers and white lining machines in tip-top condition. This helps them to maintain their equipment in order to keep a perfect, environmentally friendly, organic pitch. The non-solvent cleaning liquids complement the parts washers by using an all-natural bioremediation process – leaving harmful pollutants out of the picture. So, it’s not only safe for the planet but people too.

“I’m just so impressed with the products, I can’t speak highly enough of them.

The Bio-Circle products allow me to spend more time on the pitch, because the products are so efficient they do the majority of the hard work for me.

The products fit into Forest Green Rovers sustainability strategy easily as they’re pH neutral, non-solvent and chemical-free. It allows us to comply with water regulations set out for sports facilities too, as no run off is allowed to go down the drain. As the Maxi has a closed loop system, there’s no other product that would allow us to comply with the regulation. Waste chain free and a fully recyclable system.

Overall the Bio-Circle cleaning systems help us to keep our cleaning regime environmentally friendly, saves me loads of time and it just works! I would recommend them to other sports clubs whole-heartedly.”

- Head Groundsman Adam Witchell