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Sustainability, circularity, safety.


Environmental protection, sustainability and quality are deeply rooted in our corporate values. As early as 1996, we introduced a fully integrated environmental management system, which is regularly certified by Lloyd's Register Deutschland GmbH in accordance with the specifications of the globally applicable DIN EN ISO 14001 standard.

The certification certifies the conscious use of resources, such as raw materials for product manufacture, energy, water and the responsible management of waste.

"In our opinion, voluntary participation in this environmental management system is the right way to continuously improve environmental protection,"


- Birgit Große, Managing Director Germany.


We put sustainability at the centre of the entire life cycle of the systems, products and services we offer - from production, to how they are used, to disposal.

Conserve resources:

In order to conserve resources as much as we can, we generate the majority of the energy consumed ourselves for all the processes carried out at our manufacturing site in Germany.

Process optimisation:

When developing our systems and products, we pay particular attention to the fact that they not only deliver high performance, but are also environmentally friendly. We begin by evaluating our customer's existing processes and then provide a bespoke set of systems and liquids which will vastly improve their existing processes, so that they have the lowest impact on the environment as possible, improve occupational safety whilst still maintaining cleaning efficiency.

Our systems and solutions have been developed for many different areas of application and are characterised by special properties that help protect the environment and employees, whilst also controlling costs. These properties include, above all, the reduction of hazardous substances, the conservation of resources, energy savings and the reduction of waste. For example, the use of filters and circulation systems means that the cleaning media used can be used for longer, which means less waste is produced.

Nature Boost

Nature Boost cleaners perform optimally, protect employees and reduce environmental impact. They are based on renewable raw materials and are particularly suitable for strong fats, oils, adhesives and paints due to their powerful dissolving power.

VOC-free, VOC-reduced

The European Solvents Regulation (1999/13/EG) aims to significantly reduce the use of solvents and emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment, thereby protecting the environment and human health. When developing and manufacturing our products, we make sure to develop and produce VOC-free or VOC-reduced products. Aqueous cleaners can completely replace solvents in many applications. For many volatile solvents, we have alternatives to meet the reduction plan.

Clean Blue - energy efficiency

In times of rising energy costs and limited resources, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important for all industries. Our low-temperature cleaners have been developed for mechanical and manual use. They save energy and powerfully remove heavy soiling even at room temperature. The cleaners can be used flexibly for all temperature ranges. Some of our parts washers can measure the volume of parts to be cleaned so that water consumption and the risk of drying on the parts is reduced.

No labelling required - reduction of hazardous substances

With efficient systems and non-hazardous products, we optimise our customers' cleaning processes. The very complex handling of hazardous substances is no longer necessary and waste chains can be completely eliminated! There is no need for hazardous materials storage and disposal, hazardous materials training or the creation of operating instructions - our label-free cleaners can be used straight away by trainees too. The health of the employees and the environment are protected. 

NSF registration

In addition, a number of our cleaners can be used in the food industry. They have the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) seal and are therefore internationally registered and approved. NSF International is a US based public health foundation. It is an independent, not-for-profit product testing and certification organization that sets standards for a wide range of household and industrial products. NSF registration of our cleaning products gives users and inspectors peace of mind that the products meet food safety regulations.

Some of our water-based cleaners can also be used in the food industry (in accordance with the German Food Regulations § 31 LFGB), as they can be mixed with water and wiped off without leaving any residue.


Our cleaners BIO-CIRCLE L, ALUSTAR 300 and UNO W are registered and tested according to ÖNORM B 5105. This means that they can be processed using an oil separator. These cleaning media are separated cleanly, since no emulsion of the oil takes place. What remains is concentrated waste that can be disposed of by a suitable disposal company. The refurbished cleaner no longer contains any mineral oils and is ready for reuse. These cleaning agents, tested according to ÖNORM B 5105, reduce waste and protect the environment.

Let's optimise your processes

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