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For more than 30 years Bio-Circle has been using a combination of technology, chemistry, biology and service to optimise our customer cleaning processes whilst at the same time lowering environmental impact and increasing the health and wellbeing of users.

Our mission is to transform the ‘old way of doing things’ into efficient, streamlined processes that are cost and carbon conscious. We call this MAKING GREEN WORK.



Our corporate philosophy " MAKING GREEN WORK " makes it clear that we want to create a green area not only in ourselves, but also in other companies through our products and technologies. Our goal is to meet the needs of people today by developing suitable systems and system solutions and to use resources in such a way that they will be preserved for future generations.



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For us, sustainability means taking responsibility, for our corporate and social activities as well as for all environmental issues.

- ULRICH BERENS, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Principles such as the protection of the environment, the responsible use of resources, sustainability and occupational safety are of great importance to us. Accordingly, we introduced integrated environmental management as early as 1996, which is currently certified by Lloyd's Register Deutschland GmbH in accordance with the applicable DIN ISO 14.001 standard.

We think holistically and act sustainably. The entire life cycle is therefore considered when developing our systems and system solutions. 

3. in disposal

Waste reduction and prevention play an important role in waste disposal.

Therefore, our cleaning systems are designed as recirculation systems, which guarantees longer useful lives and longer service lives of the cleaner. This way, you not only reduce waste, you also save resources. In addition, our cleaners can be filled in reusable spray bottles that are very practical. Moreover, our BIO-CIRCLE L, UNO W, and ALUSTAR 300 cleaners are tested in accordance with ÖNORM B 5105 and can be treated by separating the oil therein by means of an oil separator. 


Hence, a “green thread” runs through all processes of production, application and disposal. 

1. in production

In production, we attach great importance to using sustainable raw materials and to generating large part of the energy used for production by ourselves. We aim to develop efficient products on the basis of natural active ingredients (NATURE BOOST products) as far as technologically possible. 

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2. in application

Our products are water-based and free from hazardous chemicals. They do not contain any substances from the current EChA Candidate List of Substances (REACh). In addition, many of our cleaning agents do not require any labelling under the CLP Regulation. This is good for employee protection, and in addition it makes storage easier and saves costs for HAZMAT trainings and such. 

They do not contain any of chelating agents that i.e. bind heavy metals. This way, deposits of strong chemical compounds that may endanger the environment are avoided. We rely on increased use of renewable surfactants of plant origin with a high and fast biodegradability. 

Many of our products are VOC-free or -reduced, which makes them a substitute for solvents. In addition, in our BIO-CIRCLE parts washer we use cleaning agents that contain microorganisms for oil- and grease degradation. The application of this so-called white biotechnology also represents a powerful alternative to cold cleaners and other solvents. 

As a rule, we refrain from using preservatives, and fragrances are specifically chosen, and their use is kept to a minimum or refrained from entirely. Plenty of our products have been dermatologically tested, featuring a good skin compatibility. NSF-certified cleaners, such as CB 100, may even be used in the food industry because they can be wiped off completely and substances will not be transferred to foodstuffs or their surfaces. 

Energy efficiency is promoted by using our low-temperature products (CLEAN BLUE products). They already work effectively at room temperature. 

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