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For more than 30 years, we have been working on optimising levels of cost control, user health & wellbeing, efficiency & performance and the environment to change the way that our customers clean.


With clever cleaning, including low-VOC & VOC-free cleaning liquids to be used in conjunction with Bio-Circle cleaning systems.

Low-VOC & VOC-free cleaners are safer for users, safer for the environment, have a long service life and support cost-control.


  • optimised formulations

  • consistent performance

  • long service life of liquids

  • effective at low temperature

  • fast drying liquids

  • fast cleaning

  • recyclable liquids

  • universal applicability

  • increased compliance

  • energy efficient

  • reduced air pollution - indoor & outdoor

  • liquids made from renewable raw materials

  • circulatory capacity in washers

  • voc free or voc reduced

  • great performance at low temperatures

  • long service life of liquids

  • replacement for paraffin & solvents

  • waste minimisation

  • assists ISO 14000 compliance

  • non-combustible liquids

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  • reduced skin irritants

  • no exposure to carcinogens

  • indoor air pollution reduced

  • special cleaning usage-areas not required

  • reduced need for PPE

  • reduced phosphate

  • reduced odour

  • reduced emissions

  • no/ low hazard

  • voc reduced

  • assists ISO18000 compliance

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  • longer liquid life

  • unique circulation systems to recycle cleaning liquids

  • reduced spend on compliance

  • reduced waste generation

  • universal applicability

  • service rental options – no capital expenditure

  • special cleaning zones not required

  • flexible service plans

  • highly concentrated liquids




A cold cleaner alternative, BIO-CIRCLE L liquids are specially formulated for use in BIO-CIRCLE parts washers. The clean heavily soil parts including machining oils, cutting coolants, corrosion protection products, greases easily, quickly, safely and with low environmental impact:

  • Solvent free - meets the requirements of the Solvent Ordinance

  • VOC free

  • Water based

  • pH neutral - do not corrode the surfaces. Can be used on plastic and steel.

  • Formulated with special corrosion inhibitors to temporarily protect the surface from corrosion post-clean.

  • Ready to use - avoid dilution errors and quality fluctuations

  • Four times longer bath life on average than cold cleaners

  • Based on renewable raw materials

  • No labelling required in accordance with the CLP regulation - easy storage and transportation


bio-circle prolaq l.png

A paint thinner alternativePROLAQ L paint cleaning liquids are recyclable, VOC-reduced, with little or no labelling for increased user safety, a reduced impact on the environment and reduced costs. Used in conjunction with PROLAQ Compact or PROLAQ Auto, the cleaning liquids can be used again and again without compromising on cleaning power due to the PROLAQ systems' clever three stage filtration: coarse filter, sedimentation tank and fine filter.

For cleaning all paint application and processing tools as well as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. 

  • PROLAQ L 50:  ready to use, can also be used manually in a 1.5 l pressure pump sprayer, for water-based varnishes and paints, only 2.5% VOC

  • PROLAQ L 100: for water-based lacquers and paints, VOC-reduced

  • PROLAQ L 400: primarily for solvent-based varnishes and paints, label-free according to the CLP regulation

  • PROLAQ L 500:  primarily for solvent-based paints and varnishes, VOC-reduced

  • PROLAQ L US: for cured, solvent and water-based paints and varnishes, reduced VOC. Application in the ultrasonic cleaning device: for components with complex geometries, the finest bores and openings


BIO-CIRCLE FT_edited.png

The quick-drying solvent substitute, the FT family are mainly used in the pretreatment of surfaces and are suitable for removing adhesive residues or contamination from machining oils. Also used for cleaning & degreasing prior to coating, gluing, labelling or painting. During the final clean, fingerprints, dust & light oils are effectively removed. 

  • The corrosion inhibitors enable short-term storage between degreasing and the subsequent machining process

  • The surfactants contained are biodegradable in accordance with the detergent ordinance

  • Alkaline, water-based - an effective alternative to conventional cold cleaners, solvents or nitro thinners

  • Non-flammable and dry significantly faster on the surface than other water-based products

  • Ready to use & streak-free, stain-free and almost no residue

  • VOC-free or VOC reduced 

  • No labelling required in accordance with the CLP regulation - easy storage and transportation

  • With optimal application, the cleaning agent consumption can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional solvents

  • FT 100 & FT 300 clean surfactant-free and are used on smooth & shiny surfaces such as glass or metal. FT 100 can also be used in the food industry

  • FT 200 & FT 400 are phosphate-free & provide temporary corrosion protection for the cleaned surface

  • FT 200 evaporates particularly quickly; FT 400 removes even the heaviest dirt

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