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CB 100

CB 100

CB 100 is THE cold cleaner alternative! With its extreme dissolving power, this powerful, versatile and VOC-free degreaser is suitable for spray-on cleaning, as well as a cleaner for our parts-washers and for pre-cleaning in the CLEAN BOX systems.


Also available in a 200-litre metal barrel can also be used in conventional parts washbasins, standing or lying (side bunghole).


    CB 100 is a water-based, low-foam cleaner formulated from renewable raw materials.

    Due to the natural active ingredients, contaminants are powerfully broken-down without attacking the surfaces. 

    It has a pleasant smell, is solvent and VOC-free and does not require labelling according to the CLP regulation.

    The cleaning agent is an effective alternative to solvents or petroleum. 

    CB 100 can be used effectively in our circulatory parts washing systems with a long service life and reduced waste. 

    CB 100 therefore not only protects employees but also the environment.

    The cleaner can be rinsed off with water without leaving any residue and is therefore suitable for industries including the food industry.

    • VOC and label free  
    • Nature Boost: based on renewable raw materials
    • Low-foaming
    • Aqueous phosphate and solvent-free cleaner
    • Strong dissolving property with long, consistent cleaning performance
    • Remove stubborn dirt, such as greases, rubber abrasion, bitumen, wax residues, oils & pastes

    Technical specification

    EAN: 4024048600486
    Labelling: Label-free
    VOC content: VOC-free
    NSF certified: Yes
    Pollution: Abrasion and grinding dust, grease, rubber residues, corrosion protection light, corrosion protection overseas, food, nicotine, smoke, soot, oil, release agents
    Contamination testing: wax
    Material: Stainless steel, tiles, steel
    Check material compatibility: Aluminum, non-ferrous metals, rubber, wood, plastic, painted surfaces, galvanized surfaces
    Detergent base: aqueous-alkaline
    Mechanics: Automatic parts washing machine, hand cleaning, high-pressure parts cleaner, immersion bath, parts / parts washer, turbo - 2in1 cleaning, ultrasound
    manual / automatic: automatically, manually
    Concentrate: ready to use
    Seal of approval: Label-free, Nature Boost, NSF, Ready-To-Use, VOC-free!

    Burnt-in dirt, special greases, greases, oils, smoke, soot, rubber residues, bitumen and wax residues and pastes


    Area of ​​application

    • Use in production and workshops
    • Application in the maintenance of engines and machines
    • Suitable for use in the food industry, as it is NSF registered (; category code C1)



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