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FT 200

FT 200

Residue-free pre-treatment and final cleaning. 


The cleaner from the FT family is perfect for surface pretreatment and final cleaning. FT 200 is ready-to-use and perfect for manual cleaning , such as degreasing surfaces in production and processing, also in the food industry.


The FTs arranged according to cleaning strength: FT 100 ► FT 300 ► FT 200 ► FT 400


  • Removes medium-sized oil and grease soiling , dust, fingerprints, abrasion, sanding dust, release agents and adhesive residues
  • Cleans stainless steel, steel, tiles, plastic, galvanized surfaces
  • Almost residue-free and streak-free
  • Ideal for wetting oily surfaces
  • Temporary corrosion protection
  • Safe - no labelling required, VOC-reduced
  • For use in the food industry - NSF certified

    The FT 200 is suitable as a replacement for solvents, cold cleaners or nitro thinners. A temporary protection against corrosion is guaranteed by the contained corrosion inhibitors. Evaporation is also faster than with conventional aqueous cleaners. Surfaces are cleaned powerfully and with almost no residue. Not only oils and light waxes but also grinding dust can be removed from rolling bearings. 

    The degreasing cleaner is safe to use because it has reduced VOCs and is label-free according to the CLP regulation. The surfactants contained comply with the detergent regulation on biodegradability. In addition, the environment is protected by a phosphate-free composition.

    • Cleaning and degreasing before painting
    • Removal of machining oils, anti-corrosion oils, light waxes, grinding dust from rolling bearings
    • Almost residue-free, powerful cleaning
    • Phosphate free
    • VOC-reduced

    Technical specification

    EAN: 4024048600363
    Labelling: Label-free
    VOC content: VOC-reduced
    NSF certified: Yes
    Pollution: Abrasion and grinding dust, grease, insect dirt, light corrosion protection, food, nicotine, smoke, soot, oil, release agents
    Material: Aluminum, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, tiles, rubber, wood, plastic, painted surfaces, steel, galvanized surfaces
    Detergent base: aqueous-alkaline
    Mechanics: Hand cleaning, immersion bath
    manual / automatic: manually
    Concentrate: ready to use
    Seal of approval: Label-free, NSF, Ready-To-Use, VOC reduced!

    Medium-sized oil and grease soiling , dust, fingerprints, abrasion, sanding dust, release agents and adhesive residues


    • Cross-industry
    • Metalworking / CNC, automotive, plastics processing, rail transport, craft, 3D printing
    • Maintenance, manufacturing and processing areas


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