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FT 300

FT 300



The surfactant-free cleaner from the FT family is perfect for surface pretreatment and final cleaning. FT 300 is ready-to-use and perfect for manual cleaning , such as degreasing before painting and labeling for cleaning highly polished surfaces.


The FTs arranged according to cleaning strength: FT 100 ► FT 300 ► FT 200 ► FT 400


  • Removes oil and grease contamination, dust, fingerprints, abrasion, sanding dust, release agents and adhesive residues
  • Cleans stainless steel, steel, tiles, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, plastic, galvanized surfaces
  • Residue-free and streak-free
  • Even faster evaporation than FT 100
  • Safe - no labeling required, VOC-reduced

    The FT 300 dries quickly and without leaving any residue at low temperatures. This property is particularly advantageous in the electronics sector in order to avoid possible damage from moisture. 

    This is also used to remove impurities before labeling, gluing and painting. Soiling on plastics, glass or metal can be removed effectively. Solder pastes from stencils and squeegees can be removed. Any processing residues such as dust or glue can also be wiped off.

    The cleaner is surfactant-free, VOC-reduced and does not represent a hazardous material in transport, as it does not require labeling in accordance with the CLP regulation. The surface cleaner is non-flammable, which means that explosion-proof storage is not required.

    •  Ready to use - just spray on and wipe off

    Technical specification

    EAN: 4024048600400
    Labelling: Label-free
    VOC content: VOC-reduced
    NSF certified: no
    Pollution: Abrasion and sanding dust, fingerprints, insect dirt, nicotine, smoke, soot, oil, release agents
    Contamination testing: Grease, corrosion protection light
    Material: Aluminum, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, tiles, rubber, wood, plastic, painted surfaces, steel, galvanized surfaces
    Detergent base: aqueous-alkaline
    Mechanics: Hand cleaning, immersion bath
    manual / automatic: manually
    Concentrate: ready to use
    Seal of approval: Label-free, ready-to-use, VOC reduced!

    Abrasion and sanding dust, fingerprints, insect dirt, nicotine, smoke, soot, oil, release agents


    • Cross-industry
    • Metalworking / CNC, automotive, plastics processing, rail transport, craft, 3D printing
    • Maintenance, manufacturing and processing areas


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