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Sturdy, fully automatic cleaning device for one-step cleaning and degreasing. 


    The HTW is made completely from stainless steel and powerful, easy and safe to operate and handle, and hence perfect for parts cleaning in service and maintenance, production and manufacturing. Due to the powered rotating rack and the spray pressure, the Bio-Circle cleaners in the hot-water parts washer have an optimal effect on the items to be cleaned. By adding the product Corrosion protection for water-based systems, also temporary preservation of the cleaned work pieces is achieved. 

    The HTWs combine reliable quality with innovative technology. This can also be seen in the excellent cleaning performance, easy handling, low-maintenance technology and practical equipment components. 

    HTW is available in three sizes: HTW II – 800, HTW II 1000, and HTW II – 1200. 

    At a glance:

    • Completely made from stainless steel, for mechanical cleaning in the acidic, neutral and alkaline range 
    • Power-actuated rotating rack with motor protection 
    • Powerful stainless steel pump 
    • Compact design, easy handling, high cleaning power 
    • Effective and economical 
    • Perfect for parts cleaning in service and maintenance, production, manufacturing, and the service industry 
    • Energy-efficient 
    • Outstanding cleaning results in combination with the STAR cleaners 

    This is for HTW-II 800 - the smallest HTW machine

    Type of contamination: Carbon residues, soot, Corrosion protection, Dust, abrasion particles, Limescale, rust (mineral), Oil, grease, Polishing pastes, Resin, wax, Separating agents, Soldering agent
    Amount of parts: Individual parts, Larger series, Small series, small quantities
    Seal of approval: Bio-Circle leasing, Bio-Circle Service available, Stainless Steel
    Component geometry: Scooping parts, Uncomplicated parts
    Payload max. loading the cleaning device by crane is possible!: 150 kg
    Operating temperature min.: 10 °C
    Operating temperature max.: 85 °C
    Füllmenge maximal: 150 L
    Diameter of the basket, inside approx.: 775 mm
    Effective depth: 350 mm
    Load capacity: 150 KG
    Tank material: V2A Edelstahl
    Power consumption approx. : 6 kW
    Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz
    Heating: 4,5 kW
    Flow rate: 4,8 m³/h
    Total weight of the machine without tank filing: 280 KG

    • Carbon residues
    • Soot
    • Corrosion protection
    • Dust
    • Abrasion particles
    • Limescale
    • Rust (mineral)
    • Oil
    • Grease
    • Polishing pastes
    • Resin
    • Wax
    • Separating agents
    • Soldering agent

    • Maintenance of machines 
    • Motor repair 
    • Maintenance of wheeled and tracked vehicles 
    • Production of steel parts 
    • Degreasing prior to varnishing 
    • Cleaning of bulk goods (oils and shavings) 
    • Electronic industry 
    • Maintenance of rail vehicles 

    For the first fill we recommend 100 L of BIO-CICLE L/BIO-CIRCLE L Ultra/BIO-CIRCLE L Heavy Duty or BIO-CIRCLE L Aluminium 

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