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10 ways we are supporting your business during these financially precarious times

According to Mazars, the number of insolvencies in the manufacturing sector has risen by almost 63% in the last year, from 893 in 2020-21 to 1,454 in 2021-22. Factories in particular are bearing the brunt of UK economic slowdown with higher costs, weaker demand and supply-bottlenecks that have sunk manufacturing output to its lowest levels since the start of the pandemic.

At Bio-Circle, our ethos has always been to find better ways of doing things. Particularly in relation to surface cleaning, preparation and finishing, we look at how existing processes are being carried out and question whether they could be done in a more energy-efficient way - to control costs and for a lower impact on the environment.

Any process changes we recommend are always simple switches bespoke to your facility that can accumulate to having a big impact. Our customers save money, time and move towards their decarbonisation goals.

Here are ten ways in which we can support your manufacturing business during these financially precarious times:

  1. Reduce your energy consumption with efficient parts cleaning at lower, ambient temperatures with our CleanBlue range of liquids. Our BIO-CIRCLE GT parts washers combined with BIO-CIRCLE L Blue & CB 100 Blue cleaning chemistries allow for powerful cleaning at lower temperatures. These low-temperature cleaners have been developed for mechanical and manual use and can also be used flexibly at all temperatures. The systems measure the parts to be cleaned so freshwater consumption is reduced, and the risk of surface drying on the parts is lower.

  2. Control costs with consistently high performing cleaning fluids (when compared with solvents whose cleaning power diminishes over time). Each time solvents are reused they become more loaded with contaminate and therefore lose their effectiveness with every use. In comparison, BIO-CIRCLE cleaners are entirely self-cleaning via the advanced recirculation systems, so maintain their cleaning prowess for each cleaning cycle.

  3. Control costs with self-recycling cleaning fluids meaning a longer service life, as the liquids do not need to be replenished so frequently.

  4. Control costs with parts cleaning systems that do not require specialist cleaning zones, ventilation systems or PPE. All of our chemistries used in conjunction with our parts cleaners are VOC-free or VOC-reduced, meaning no requirement for ventilation and PPE.

  5. Control costs with fewer compliance requirements and therefore fewer man-hours dedicated to meeting those requirements. Complete & compliant MSDS, reduced CLP labelling & REACh compliant.

  6. Ensure a happier workforce in using safer and more pleasant cleaning systems and technologies. Solvent odour? Not any more - how about apples instead! Happier staff means fewer costly sick days and higher performance.

  7. Bespoke sales & rental packages of our machines and chemistries meaning we can customise packages to suit your procurement and business needs.

  8. We also offer extended warranties to give you further financial protection

  9. And flexible service plans that again are bespoke to your business needs

  10. Our chemistries and systems are also universally applicable. We don't offer a 'one size fits all' system, but many of our systems and liquids can be used for different applications in many different business and industries. We work with you to create the perfect combo for your cleaning or surface preparation needs.

Discover more and arrange your free site survey where we will create a bespoke process optimisation plan to meet your goals.

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