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9 IMMEDIATE BENEFITS of switching to aqueous cleaners

Here’s a checklist of the immediate benefits you’ll see when replacing your solvent-based cleaners and hazardous chemicals with BIO-CIRCLE cleaning systems & liquids:

  1. You'll reduce your liability, because your business is safer

  2. You'll reduce health risks to your workforce. Did you know 36.8 million estimated working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2021/22 (LFS)

  3. You'll recover space & remove costly duplicated resources used for storing, handling & disposing Dangerous Goods.

  4. You'll reduce or completely eliminate your waste chain

  5. You'll reduce transportation & PPE costs

  6. You'll reduce the costs of purchasing your cleaners because BIO-CIRCLE cleaners have a longer life span than solvent-based cleaners - without compromising on cleaning performance

  7. They'll be no damage to surfaces, parts and materials as a result of your cleaning or surface preparation processes

  8. You'll reduce indoor air pollution

  9. You'll reduce your carbon footprint & add to your decarbonisation goals

Ready to optimise your parts cleaning & surface preparation processes? Contact us on or call 03300 415 396 to book your free site survey.

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