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Bio-Circle brings innovative bogie cleaning processes to the UK

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

With a much needed focus on sustainability and operator safety

Traditionally the removal of dirt, oil, grease, soot and carbon-based contaminations on train bogies has been delivered through the use of hazardous chemicals. Why? Because they’re quick and efficient at getting the job done. However there are numerous health, safety and environmental consequences, plus exponential and hidden costs:

Health & safety

  • harmful effects on the health of the operator – respiratory, dermatological

  • unpleasant to use – invasive odours, cold

Environmental impact & the waste chain

  • short service life

  • effectiveness diminishes the more they are used

  • not energy efficient

  • require a robust waste chain in place for adequate and compliant disposal

  • do not biodegrade – the harmful deposits in their composition become more concentrated over time

  • require specialist storage and the risks with on-site storage


  • damages – e.g. to engine paintwork as they break down the paint compounds

  • compliance costs – environmental, waste, health & safety

  • employee health costs – sick pay, time off etc

  • consumption costs due to the short-service life

  • storage costs

“Clever cleaning” – the intelligent alternative to solvent-based cleaners

Bio-Circle have made it their mission to modernise surface-cleaning processes across industries throughout the world. Over the last three decades they have pioneered transforming “old-fashioned” surface-cleaning processes that use hazardous solvents and cold-cleaners, and have replaced them with energy-efficient, powerful and safe processes that are cost and carbon-conscious. Their systems are found in 1000s of facilities across the globe and are used on a daily basis.

Bio-Circle technologies use a combination of technology, chemistry, biology and service, and their cleaning formulas are based on natural breakdown-processes that are sped-up. The result is an optimised, safe and energy-efficient clean, powered by biotechnology.

Through huge investments in R&D at their facility based in Gutersloh Germany, Bio-Circle have developed optimum combinations for hundreds of cleaning requirements across many industries.

Sustainable & safe bogie cleaning for the UK rail industry

Bio-Circle is now bringing its innovative cleaning technologies to the UK for a much-needed refresh of bogie cleaning processes, after seeing extensive success in Europe with its range of powerful UNO cleaners.

UNO cleaners are fast-acting yet solvent-reduced meaning fewer VOCs, minimal environmental impact, reduced risks to health and safety and minimised storage and compliance costs, cost of damages and other associated costs.

UNO cleaners are quickly applied to bogies and large surfaces with a jet washer. The interchangeable solutions suit varied and demanding cleaning requirements such as larger bogies and electric motors that may require a more intense clean and liquids that adhere well to vertical surfaces.

Bio-Circle create a customised cleaning plan for each of their customers based on their customer’s specific objectives with regards to cost-savings, the environment and health & safety.

The rail industry is high-speed in technological development. Don’t leave cleaning-processes in the past.

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