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Super Deduction Scheme - don't miss the deadline!

In April 2021, the UK Government introduced a Super Deduction Scheme on qualifying machinery investments for Limited Companies until 31st March 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 130% first year tax relief on qualifying machinery investments until March 2023 (new machines only)

  • On a spend of £100,000 the corporate tax reduction will be £130,000 giving a corporation tax relief at 19% on £130,000 which is £24,700

  • There is no expenditure limit on the Super Deduction Scheme

  • Whether purchased outright or on HP the purchase qualifies

Let’s break it down on a £10,000 machine purchase:

£10k machine = £13k tax relief (130%)

£13k @ 19% = £2,470 tax saving

If you decide not to invest this £10k in anything, you will pay £1.9k tax on the £10k profit

Effectively save almost 25% on a new machine purchase, courtesy of HMRC!

Tax matters should always be discussed with a qualified accountant, as individual circumstances can vary. BIO-CIRCLE Surface Tachnology Limited are not responsible for any tax implications or costs.

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