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The benefits of cleaning with foam

Did you know, cleaning with foam can save you time and money! ⏳💷

Here's why:

1. Saves on cleaning time due to super-quick application via our foam injectors

2. With foam it's possible to clean huge surface areas all at once, including vertical surfaces

3. Foam offers a long soak time meaning it can tackle heavier/ more stubborn contaminations

4. Choosing to clean with foam rather than a liquids saves money because the cleaning agent is ‘diluted’ with air. The air has the effect of stretching the cleaner! It'll therefore last longer and won't need replacing as often.

And what's more, many BIO-CIRCLE cleaners can be applied as a foam ⚡️💭 and with their safe & sustainable credentials they also reduce the health & environmental risks to your workforce, business and the environment posed by traditional industrial cleaners.

Our cleaners can be used for pretty much any cleaning application in any industry - we'll find the right combo of cleaners and systems for your processes.

Get in touch to book a free site survey and optimise your cleaning processes so that they're safer, more sustainable and generating much less waste & at a reduced cost.

Email or call 03300 415 396 today.

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