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The Immediate Benefits of Replacing Solvents & Hazardous Chemicals

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

As soon as you choose to switch to BIO-CIRCLE surface technology systems and cleaners as a direct replacement for solvents-based parts washers and cleaning fluids, you'll see immediate benefits:

1. Reduced compliance requirements and risk of liability - using non-hazardous BIO-CIRCLE systems and liquids means your business is safer. The majority of our cleaners are label free and therefore have no labelling requirements under the CLP regulations

2. Employee health and safety is significantly increased due to the non-hazardous nature of our cleaning liquids and water-based parts washers. The VOC-free or VOC-reduced cleaners do not pose a health and safety risk as with hazardous solvent-based cleaners

3. Recover lost space used for storing & handling Dangerous Goods, such as specialist areas of ventilation

4. Lower costs associated with transportation & PPE of Dangerous Goods. Specialist transportation is not required, and in many applications full PPE is not required

5. Use less cleaning product over a longer service life, without compromising on performance. Solvent based cleaners lose their cleaning power as they are reused, whereas our clever cleaners are completely self-cleaning and retain their cleaning performance over time

6. Reduced damage to surfaces - many of our cleaners offer a powerful cleaning performance without damaging delicate surfaces

7. Reduced or completely eliminated indoor air pollution, hazardous waste and contaminated waste water

8. Supports decarbonisation targets

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