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The quickest way to improve sustainability in any manufacturing facility

Sustainability in your manufacturing processes is no longer an option. It's a MUST. Why? Because the impact of human behaviour on the environment is a time bomb waiting to happen.

A future climate apocalypse?

This could be a possibility due to:

  • Increased energy use

  • Resource depletion

  • Waste generation

Younger generations are even questioning whether to bring children into a "dying world". Perhaps this is extreme, or perhaps it isn't. But we can take the steps to reduce our impacts on the environment.

So, just green up manufacturing processes

We know this is not necessarily an easy task. And many organisations claim to be "sustainable" when really they aren't. There's actually a lot of confusion around "sustainability".

For example, how do you measure it? By carbon emissions? Water usage? VOC levels within internal spaces?

Also some sustainable processes are not completely sustainable!

For instance many companies use electricity from "renewable energy" which not only saves them money but also reduces carbon emissions. However some environmentalists have raised concerns that the rare materials used in solar panels are mined unsustainably, the panels themselves are not recyclable and some solar energy companies do not effectively track their carbon emissions themselves.

We have to be cautious about how we go about being more sustainable.

A simple switch to sustainability

Often the simplest changes can be the quickest and most effective ways of improving something. In this case, it's rethinking your cleaning processes. You don't HAVE to use hazardous chemicals to get an effective clean.

In fact, it's not possible to entirely eliminate solvents from your cleaning regime. Switching to Bio-Circle parts washers you'll use powerful cleaning liquids that are made from renewable raw materials and are either VOC-free or have very low levels of VOC. They can also be used at low temperatures so are energy efficient, not to mention much more pleasant for operators to use.

Oh and they're much more cost-efficient too!

Want to make the change? Get in touch today!

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