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WHY the cleaning performance of your solvents gets worse over time - and how to change this.

Do you find the solvents/ brake cleaners/ thinners you use to clean your tools and machinery quickly lose their cleaning power over time?


These types of cleaners contain VOCs - organic compounds that have a high vapour pressure at room temperature. They change quickly from being a liquid to a vapour - and this quick change is why they are called volatile.

That's also the reason why they have that distinctive smell.

But why do solvents lose their cleaning power so quickly and need replacing so often?

The solvent works by ‘dissolving’ many contaminates on contact, breaking them down into smaller particles and carrying them into the solution and away from the surface. However, the smaller particles of ‘soil’ still remain present in the solvent and as it is reused over and over, it becomes loaded with even more soil.

This effects the solvent’s ability to clean over time as it soon becomes more soil than solvent.

It also means that even more VOCs are generated 🤢 as the solvent becomes loaded with contaminated particles of soil. This is why specialist PPE and ventilated areas need to be used with solvent-based systems and cleaners, along with a whole lot of compliance procedures, paperwork and waste chains.

Don't worry, there is an alternative that provides optimal cleaning results and a long service life. Make the switch to products that contain low or no VOCs - i.e. BIO-CIRCLE. To book your free site survey, contact us today.

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