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BIO-CIRCLE Cleaning Systems & Liquids Significantly Speed Up Processing Times

Parts cleaning, surface preparation, degreasing and post-production processing are all essential steps in most manufacturing, production and maintenance facilities. However if you haven’t taken a closer look at your processes recently or made moves to update them, you may not be aware of just how costly and un-efficient they could be. 

Process optimisation in industry

Cleaning parts, degreasing machinery and tools maintenance is a mundane task and not one that gets a lot of attention when it comes to process optimisation. However, if you’re still using solvents-based parts washers, cleaning at 70-75°C or using gallons of water, you could be draining cash and losing time where you don’t need to be.

What's the solution?

Customers who make the switch to BIO-CIRCLE systems and chemistries experience significantly faster processing times, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective operations.

But how, and is it really that simple? Let’s explore why this happens by understanding the four key variables at play in any cleaning process: Time, Heat, Agitation and Chemistry.

⏱ Time: Optimal Time Management

Whether you need to clean around the clock or occasionally, require a fast turnaround or deep clean, our equipment is designed to help you manage your cleaning time effectively. BIO-CIRCLE systems are built to provide optimal time management for any cleaning schedule. This means you can achieve the perfect balance between thorough cleaning and efficient processing, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

🔥 Heat: Tailored Temperature Settings

Different cleaning tasks require different temperature settings, and our equipment offers the flexibility to select the optimal temperature for your specific needs. Whether you need cold cleaning, ambient temperature, or high heat for a quick turnaround, BIO-CIRCLE systems can adjust accordingly. This adaptability ensures that you achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. Many customers are able to achieve the same or better result at 20°C cooler with BIO-CIRCLE machines. 

faster processing with BIO-CIRCLE

🌪 Agitation: Versatile Agitation Technologies

Agitation is crucial for effective cleaning, and BIO-CIRCLE equipment provides a range of agitation technologies to suit your specific process. Easily switch between manual brushing, dip/soak methods, high-pressure jets, immersion, and powerful directed spray nozzles. This versatility ensures that every cleaning task is handled with the appropriate level of agitation, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process.

🧪 Chemistry: Cutting-Edge Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning chemistries are designed to maximise efficiency and effectiveness with thorough cleaning results. By using cutting-edge ingredients and raw materials, our solutions meet industry approvals, including NSF certifications, and minimise labelling requirements under CLP regulations. Additionally, our quick separation technologies make it easy to handle and process contaminants, further streamlining cleaning operations and waste chain reduction.

Parts cleaning process optimisation

Ready to Optimise Your Cleaning Processes?

Switching to BIO-CIRCLE cleaning systems and liquids can transform your cleaning and surface preparation processes, making them faster and more efficient. Experience the benefits of optimal time management, tailored temperature settings, versatile agitation technologies, and cutting-edge chemistries.

Don't wait to enhance your cleaning efficiency! Arrange your free site survey and process optimisation plan today. Contact us at []( and start experiencing the BIO-CIRCLE difference.

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