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BIO-CIRCLE partners with Tree-V to carbon balance all vehicle fleet & vehicle emissions

In our commitment to being as sustainable as possible in everything we do, we have partnered with Tree-V to carbon balance all of our vehicle fleet and vehicle emissions for our commercial activity here in the UK.

The cumulative effect of carbon balancing vs offsetting.

Carbon balancing is very different to carbon offsetting. Simple offsetting carbon emissions involves the purchase of "carbon credits" from a recognised exchange and just ‘offsets’ that years activity, where the credits are invested in environmental projects around the world.

Carbon balancing however involves the planting of trees which essentially absorb the amount of carbon produced by our specific activities. This directly balances the carbon that we as a company have produced in relation to our vehicle fleet and vehicle emissions.

We will do this every year, so the cumulative effect of planting trees actually increases year on year and therefore has a much bigger long term benefit than merely ‘offsetting’.

Why have we decided to do this?

We are committed to our sustainability credentials not only in our mission to transform hazardous industrial cleaning processes, but in how our systems & technologies are made, the packaging for our cleaning fluids, along with accounting for and balancing out every single mile travelled by our BCUK colleagues.

As Tree-V states, “In the battle to save our planet, every mile counts.”

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