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How Bio-Circle is used everyday

Did you know our clever cleaning liquids & systems are used in a whole host of different applications? Here’s a quick rundown:

⚽️ Grounds machinery and public spaces at sports stadiums

🍫 Machinery for manufacturing processes (including food & drink production)

🚙 Parts and equipment for the manufacture of cars, planes, trains & buses

✈️ Parts and tools for the repair and maintenance of cars, planes, trains & buses

🎢 Theme park rides and public attractions

👍 Desks, surfaces and hands in schools!

🏗 Parts and machinery in the construction industry

📦 Parts and machinery in the print & packaging industry

🖌 Removing paint, ink, varnish from any surface or tool

👩‍🔬 Keeping parts, surfaces and spaces clean and hygienic in the technology and energy space

& many more!

From the smallest micro-part to the biggest machines we do powerful cleaning with minimal environmental impact.

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