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How to boost cleaning efficiency at your facility

BIO-CIRCLE cleaning systems and liquids are based on four key principles:





But how can your cleaning processes become more efficient? It's just one of those necessary processes isn't it, and it's been done the same way over decades? For most facilities that is where lies the problem. Technology, production and many other processes have all advanced, but the basic cleaning processes are still languishing in the past. They're inefficient, dangerous and expensive.

So how can your standard parts cleaning processes be more efficient? At BIO-CIRCLE we have formulated our systems and liquids over the last 30 years to be as efficient as possible whilst still achieving an optimal clean with a low environmental impact and that is cost-controlled. These are our efficiency credentials:

  • Consistent cleaning performance for all our liquids. Many solvent-based liquids diminish over time as they become 'loaded' with the particulates.

  • Long service life of liquids so you can continue cleaning without having to refresh the liquid.

  • Our liquids are very effective at low temperatures. In fact most produce great cleaning results at cool temperatures.

  • Our liquids are fast drying and fast cleaning so you're not waiting around.

  • Our liquids are recyclable so they can be used time and again without the need to be replaced.

  • Our liquids have a universal applicability, so can be used in many different applications and between manual and automatic use.

  • Because many of our liquids are label-free and have very low or no VOC context, there is automatically increased compliance.

Are you going to make your cleaning processes more efficient?

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