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How to instantly reduce your waste chain

How many litres of solvent-waste does your facility produce each year? And how much do you spend on storing and disposing it safely? These are just a couple of the hidden costs of cleaning.

Some of our customers used to generate thousands of litres of solvent waste EVERY MONTH before they did this... They replaced their solvents-based parts washers with our water-based systems:

❌ No hazardous liquids

❌ No hazardous waste

❌ No storage costs

❌ No specialist disposal costs

⏬ Reduced compliance costs

♻️ A reduced waste chain

It'll not only streamline your waste chain - eliminating the need for specialist storage & disposal - but will also significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

PLUS water-based parts washers are also much more pleasant and safe for your workforce to operate each day. No unpleasant smells or high levels of VOCs.

They'll also reduce overall cleaning costs due to the much longer service life of our water-based cleaners.

Are you ready to stop the solvents?!

YES? Call us on 03300 415 396 or email for your optimisation plan.

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